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CBD and Kratom

The CBD and Kratom markets are not only rapidly growing product lines but they're also highly targeted products. What exactly are CBD and Kratom though? CBD stands for cannabidoil, which is just one of eighty-five cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. CBD products are cannanidoil extracts from hemp with virtually no THC and lots of CBD.

So what does that mean for someone who doesn't care about all this technical stuff? CBD has all of the medicinal properties of marijuana but it is non-psychotropic, meaning no high. Regardless of this fact the DEA has tried to ban CBD sales and register it as a schedule 1 substance. We here at Smokes & Such believe in the highly valuable medicinal properties of CBD products and will remain to voice our support for the product and protest any measures taken to ban the sale of it.

Kratom on the other side of things is an herbal supple
ment we offer in either capsule or powder form. Kratom is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia and the plant is actually in the same family as the coffee plant. For years the plant has been used as a natural pain killer, stomach reliever, and even used to help kick opiate addictions. It acts as a fantastic replacement to prescription pain-killers that big pharmaceutical companies would love for you to develop addictions too. For reasons that should be investigated into more the DEA has also tried to ban Kratom within the past year and register it as a schedule 1 substance. Thanks to the resounding efforts of Kratom users though the Kratom ban is in a state of limbo currently with sales still being allowed temporarily.

When Smokes & Such began there was no indication that the business would provide so many healthier alternatives to people in need of pain relief, but we will stand by our customers as big pharmaceutical companies try to buy the loyalty of who is in office. We have dealt with these issues since we've opened with big tobacco companies and look where we are today.