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Specials and Sales

Smokes and Such has started our December Deals for 2017!! Each day of the month leading up to Christmas we will have a different deal for a wide variety of our stock. E-juice, tobacco, glass, vaporizers, incense, and plenty more! Aside from our December Deals, we also still have the ongoing Discount Dice on Tuesdays; keep in mind that the discounts won't stack on Tuesday, only one or the other is applied to the purchase. We also have a coupon on Yelp for 10% off your first purchase of $25 or more when you check in. We are happy to always offer our customers many opportunities to save some money, so make sure to keep an eye out on our social media or ask an associate next time you're in.


December 11th-

  1.  Spend $6 on an incense burner and get 12 sticks free
  2. Buy 30 incense and get a free flat burner with your purchase
  3. Spend $5 in store and roll the dice for a free RAW product




December 12th-

  1. Buy 3 or more packs of papers/cones and get a free Smokes & Such lighter
  2. Buy a Pax vaporizer and get a free sleeve for the device
  3. Spend $25 or more on Hookah products and receive a discount ranging from 10% all the way to 20% off.


December 13th-

  1. Buy any RAW tray and get a free RAWket cone set or pack of 12in papers
  2. Spend $30 on a grinder and get $5 off any piece of glass

December 14th-

  1. Cigars- buy 3 sticks, get 10% off, 4 sticks gets a free cutter, and 5 sticks, get a free torch lighter
  2. Buy any 2 packages of Juicy Wraps OR High Hemp and get one for FREE (limit 3 free)
  3. Buy any TWO Raw cones and get a cone stuffer for $4 (while supplies last)

December 15th-

  1. Buy any Kratom package and get a discount ranging from 10% to 20% off one package
  2. Buy any 100ml juice and get a coil for .15 cents, limit 3 coils per 100ml bottle

December 16th-

  1. Buy a Powermatic rolling machine and get 6oz of tobacco on the house
  2. Buy any roller and get a box of tubes for free
  3. Buy any herb or concentrate vaporizer and receive a free small silicone container, a keychain stash jar, or a small plastic grinder

December 17th-

  1. All acrylic water pipes and steam rollers are 15% off
  2. Get 25% off any glass that is 90% red, green, and/or white
  3. A RAW Product Day: Come in a roll the dice for a free Raw product with any purchase over $5